Which animal will be determined to fight and kick a** and which will TRY to flee the scene?! The animal you think would be able to move quick and get away has a struggle of escaping.

When you see the video that was uploaded by the Bruckfam above you may be assuming it's like a scene from the cartoon movie Madagascar. This family thought it was a nice day to visit the zoo and boy was it a good day to see what they caught on film. After being so many seconds into the video you start to worry it may be a horror real life version of Madagascar! I am in no way shape or form for animal cruelty but this video sure does crack me up like the man filming this entire incident. It's clear that the raccoon stepped foot into the wrong area and clearly will pay the price for it.

Even if you're against animal cruelty it's not a bad thing if you laugh at what happens thirty seconds in!

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