Everyone on the morning show was making fun of me for watching this new show. See why I think it is so great. 

The People's Couch is a show on the Bravo network, which I try very hard to never watch. To me Bravo doesn't have many good shows and I don't like watching any of their housewives shows. But I decided to give it a chance, mostly because I was at my sister's house and I had absolutely no choice on the matter. I sat down on the couch, assuming I was going to be bored out of my mind for the next hour. Instead, I discovered my new favorite show.

The People's Couch is a show that sounds silly, or even stupid. You watch people watch tv. That's it. Seems simple and that may be the beauty of it. In one episode, you can see about 6 different shows and learn what they are about. From my The People's Couch binge session, I was able to watch a ton of new shows I wanted to see, but haven't had the time or energy to watch. Here are just a few of the new shows I got to see from watching The People's Couch: State of Affairs, Girlfriend Intervention, Billy Bob's Gags to Riches, Euros of Holly, Real Housewives (all of them), American Horror Story, Monsters Inside Me, Hell's Kitchen (kid edition), The Whalburgers, The Leftovers, The Affair, and more!

The show is perfect for people who don't have time to watch a ton of TV, but want to know what the popular shows are and if they should start watching them. Here are two good scenes from the show. In the top video, the people watch "My Cat From Hell," and here at the bottom they review "Billy Bob's Gags To Riches."