The second Pearl Jam song “Sirens” from their new CD “Lightning Bolt” has been released and you can watch the video here. 

The second single from Pearl Jam's "Lightning Bolt" cd has been released.  The song is "Sirens" and they've already have a video done for it!!  (It took awhile for them to record a new cd, but now that it's done they're not wasting any time are they?)  Listen for "Sirens" as well as "Mind Your Manners" on KLAQ as we count down to the October 16th release date of "Lightning Bolt" and catch them here at anytime you want.

Previously, I had posted a blog featuring a lot of the artwork for the new Pearl Jam cd as well as the official video they released for the first track, "Mind Your Manners".  (There is also a video of them playing Mind Your Manners live for the first time ever in front of an audience at!)  Check those videos out as well by following the links.  Enjoy Sirens right here!!

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