It's been 7 days since Bush released their music video 'Mad Love' and focuses on the band we've been madly in love with. The song is from their seventh studio album ''Black and White Rainbows''  that was released four days ago.

Everyone has been dying to know if their latest song is about Rossdale's ex- wife Gwen Stefani. Then there are some people who have no shame that say it could be about the baby sitter Rossdale had an affair with. Could the song possibly not be about either of the two and actually be about the band's fans?! There are some crazy fanatics that band has and that maybe drive Rossdale and his band mates a little crazy. But that's besides the point, it doesn't matter who it's about because the vital point is there is no hate just love.

If you have mad love for someone, I suggest you share this song with them.


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