I know what you're thinking, a rap video on a rock website? Whaaat in the hell? Well it's been quite a while since there was a recent rap video that was filmed in our hometown.

The guys of Double R / GK published their music video on Christmas Day that shows you the popular spots in our sun city. It's cool to see people have so much love for their city which usually isn't often. There were a few rap songs about EL Paso but none measured out to be as cool as this one. This group has been around since 2009 and travels to work with other well known artists. I spoke to the owner/ producer of the group Rudy, and he said ChucoStreets is a song of unity from all types of car cultures in EL Paso united as one."

This music video highlights the well known spots you've been to or just hung out at in EL Paso!


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