It's funny how a simple question on the Internet can cause such confusion. If I were to ask you about the 'rock' scene in El Paso, you would probably think I'm talking about rock 'n roll. That makes sense, since I work for a rock station and love rock music. But coming from someone else, that same question might cause some confusion. Reddit user 'frosbud' asked this question:

Is there a rock scene here in El Paso? And if so, where are the best places to go?

There is a variety of answers to this question including:

Rock climbing?? Hueco Tanks

Rock music? Rock Bar? Lol

So that person understood there could be some confusion with this question. Someone else responded with:

With the Franklin Mountains being right in the middle of the city you bet there is!

Okay, we're going down the actual, physical rock answer. Although someone else answered:

Speaking Rock is a casino that has free cover bands and the occasional dead band that plays once a week.

Now we're talking cover band, but what about other shows. There was another Reddit user that replied with:

Rockhouse Bar & Grill

9828 Montana st

Someone else was keeping their answer in line with the rock music aspect, but went a little more in depth:

Rockhouse is the venue where most shows are. Theres also the Lowbrow that throws some. Lovebuzz if you're into emo and shit. Speaking Rock throws free concerts.

Not really sure what's going on with this next response, but do with it what you will:

My auntie has a house on the north east. Just ask for Cuz Prudence.

And we round things out with someone who legitimately went full blown geology:

There's the El Paso Rock Shop but there's really not a whole lot of rock enthusiasts here in town. You might try getting in contact with the El Paso Geological Society but it seems like their website is down.

Is there anything involving any iteration of the word 'ROCK' that's being missed here?

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