If you're on a budget this year and need a Halloween costume, these two ideas are crafty and cheap! These two ladies were given a challenge to create a costume under 30 minutes with just twenty dollars.

We can thank Boldly for giving us a couple tips on saving us money and funny ideas for a costume. These two ladies at first were going to be the typical girly cat but then changed after scoping out the store. It can be extremely difficult to try and come up with a costume when you're on a time limit. Cissy really used her thinking cap when she chose to be a Pumpkin Spice latte. The only items she needed for her costume were poster boards, a few sheets of paper and gift wrap tissue paper. Jazz decided to be a gift and purchased a bunch of bows to put on her chest.

So if you're having to save money but need a cheap costume, these are a couple ideas that work!

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