It's finally starting to get a little chillier in the Sun City. This means the time has come to bust out with our favorite San Marcos cobija and get snuggle up with some champurrado.

If you've never heard of champurrado, it's delicious! Champurrado is a chocolate-based drink- it's warm and thick prepared with either masa de maíz, masa harina, or corn flour; piloncillo; water or milk; and occasionally containing cinnamon, anise seed, or vanilla. It's basically a thick hot chocolate. My favorite way to enjoy champurrado is with a delicious home made tamal!

Joanna Barba
Joanna Barba

Now that the season is finally here, you may see many people selling or just enjoying chapurrado.

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While champurrado is a preferred beverage for the holidays, there is another holiday beverage that may soon usurp our beloved seasonal drink- I'm talking about eggnog!

I know many people who prefer eggnog for the holidays. I've always seen it in movies and cartoons, but I don't think I've ever actually had eggnog! There is one thing I have always wondered: is eggnog supposed to be served hot or cold? I feel like because it's a season drink it should be warm? However, this local vendor sells it cold and I feel like I can trust them!

El Chucoviche Mariscos has turned eggnog into an agua fresca- and I am super curious to find out how good it is- I know it has to be good because they are the same ones who introduced us to mazapan agua fresca and that is delicious!

Champurrado may be number one in our hearts, but I have to admit this eggnog agua fresca is a game changer! Also, is eggnog supposed to have alcohol? I need eggnog answers!

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