I know what you're thinking; "the Northern Lights in Texas?! Impossible!"

That's what I thought too- until I saw these images captured by locals in Amarillo! While the Aurora Borealis is typically seen in the northern hemisphere- hence, the "northern lights", this time around we were lucky enough to see them in Texas!

Corbin Voges, the chief meteorologist for KVII-TV in Amarillo was lucky enough to capture this image and share it with the rest of us!

This is what the Aurora Borealis looks like in Texas. And while it may not be the blue and green swirls of lights we all have seen in movies and photographs, I think this red hue feels more appropriate for the Lone Star state!

This was all thanks to a very powerful geomagnetic storm that allowed some lucky stargazers in Texas to capture the swirling light show of red and purple lights that were just as mesmerizing as you can imagine! Just check out this video!

This was apparently not the first time that the Northern lights have been visible in Texas; this was the reported THIRD time that Texas got a Northern Lights show!

If you're really serious about star gazing, then you'll want to head to a designated dark sky location, and luckily, in Texas there a few options! According to the International Dark-Sky Association, a total of twelve places are IDA certified, they include national parkscommunities and sanctuaries. But to get the most out of your star gazing experience, there are two that you'll definitely want to plan a trip to: The McDonald Observatory and Big Bend Ranch State Park. You can learn more about that here.


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