in Texas, one of the best businesses you can have is selling paletas! This Texas heat is no joke, and eating a paleta on a hot day is the best! Well, one Central Texas kid decided to sell paletas one day and he's quickly becoming a favorite- and he's only three years old!

Meet Mareck Gomez, he's a Temple, Texas resident who knows that Texans love their paletas, and is probably the youngest business owner ever!

Gomez is the owner of M&M Paletas Frozen Treats. He pushes his own cart and goes around Temple selling the frozen treats- and is probably someone I should look up to when it comes to financial planning!

According to Mareck's parents, who told KWTX, that they got the idea to have him start a business when Mareck kept asking for a toy every time they went to the store- it quickly added up! So they made a deal with Mareck, he could have any toy he wanted- as long as he worked for it- and ta-da, M&M Paletas was born. The M&M stands for Mareck and his younger brother, Malik who is nine months old, but they hope to get him in on the family business when he's older- so, like in two more years!

According to his parents, Mareck has a pretty good strategy: Mareck puts 30% of his earnings toward savings, 25% toward business supplies, 10% toward tithing, and 35% toward toys. You can see where his priorities are!

Mareck is learning some pretty good life lessons at an early age, but he also looks like he's having fun doing it!

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