Recently I've been very interested in trying dulces enchilados, but not just any candies, I wanted American candies to be enchilados!

Dulces enchilados, or spicy candies, are usually Mexican- like Pulparindo and Tamarindos. Lately, I've seen American candies be made into spicy candies! Candies that I love normally like Gushers and Peach Rings have suddenly been turned into spicy candies and I have had a hankering for some spicy Gushers!

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Now, I could totally get all the stuff to make it myself, al you need is some chamoy and some Tajin, right? Wrong! Over on TikTok, where I first saw the delicious creations, many people use special flavored chamoys, that they make themselves and use their own blend of spices to get the candies tasting delicious.

Because I know that in El Paso we don't do basic snacks, I decided to ask the popular Facebook group Support Local El Paso, because if I was going to buy some of these candies, I wanted to make sure I was supporting local!

I got so many great responses, and I've already ordered from some of the suggestions! Now I'm here to share the goodness with you all! Here are some great places to check out if you are on the hunt for some dulces enchilados!



Chamoylicious sets up at the Country Club Farmer's Market on the weekends, and also provides contactless pick up!

Neilo Flaming Gums 

Social Ice- Where you can top your ice cream with spicy candy!

DAISA Gummies

Pica Dientes

La Gueritas Chamoys 


Muy Espicy Candies

Don Pedro- they make candied quince and add chile!

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