The Confederate Flag isn't newly controversial. Should the Confederate Flag be banned? Should Southern Civil War statues be torn down? Well? I honestly just have one simple question...

What does the Confederate Flag mean/represent to you?

The reason I bring this up is because I'm seeing a lot of a meme that consists of a picture of the Confederate Flag with the following written on it:

I challenge all my friends on facebook to repost this to show that we will not back down from our heritage.

What heritage is being saved here? And I'm asking this seriously. I just want to know what this flag represents to everyone. Those pro-Confederate Flag and those anti-Confederate Flag. I can get the ball rolling. Here is what this flag represents to me...

It represents a CHOICE. A choice to LEAVE the United States of America because you didn't believe slavery was wrong. You wanted to keep slaves based on the color of their skin. This choice led to an actual war AGAINST the United States of America. Oh, and you LOST.

Here's something that's really funny. The people who tend to be pro-Confederate Flag are usually the ones who cry out "If you don't like America, you can get out!" Well, you tried to do that. You tried, and lost.

I did pose this question on Reddit and you can see that by CLICKING HERE. As I am writing this article, the vast majority of answers are anti-Confederate flag. Which is a bit disappointing to me because I really want to hear from the pro-Confederate Flag people. What is the heritage you are trying to protect? What is so great about this flag that you display it so proudly?

I am all for civil discourse, which is difficult with an issue as heated as the Confederate Flag. And even as I was typing my thoughts on the flag, I realize that they are very polarizing thoughts and feelings. I am clearly anti-Confederate Flag. But that's not to say I'm not willing to hear the other side of the argument. Chances are you aren't going to sway me to your side, but we can't have actual discussions in this country about change if we aren't willing to have these conversations.

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