Some dogs have the best reactions that have us burst out in laughter like this Husky! This husky was just relaxing outside with their owner until a butterfly made a surprise landing.

That surprise landing happened to be on the husky's snout and made their head a rest area. The husky, which is so many times bigger than the butterfly seemed to fear this friendly flier. Now living in El Paso, your furry friends will more than likely have one of these three bugs fly on to their snout. Yes, a butterfly can land on their snout but the odds seem higher for the three listed below. Now butterflies can eat anything that is able to dissolve in water. Now the kind of food that attracts them the most is sodium. So if you can sweat up a storm easily, you will definitely attract the butterflies. This husky is clearly afraid of what most people wouldn't mind on their face.

So next time you see a butterfly plant it's fragile self on someone means they're trying to feed off their sweat.

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    May Beetles

    The May Beetles usually are spotted near the pool area if you haven't noticed before. They also can be found near an area where someone is planting or tilling. They got their name due to the time they like to emerge, which is the month of May.

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    Cock Roach

    When it rains is when the roaches come out! But even on a dry day, you will see these creepy crawlers around. The worst part is that they can also fly which we wish they couldn't. I have had my share of a cockroach fly and make a surprise landing on my shoulder which wasn't pleasant. Not only are they known for landing on humans but animals as well.

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    Ladybird Beetle

    The Ladybird Beetle also is known to us as the "ladybug" the much-loved critter. These cute little bugs prefer to eat aphids or other insects with soft bodies. Everyone considers ladybugs pretty graceful and actually try catching one when we can. But you can count on a ladybug to be one of the bugs to land on your dog's snout!