I cannot begin to tell you how proud I am that all of El Paso is coming together after this terrible tragedy. I know I shouldn't be surprised, I've lived here my entire life and in El Paso everyone is family. I was proud to see all the El Pasoans who immediately lined up to donate blood, and I'm in awe of all the great businesses who have come to support the victims and their families along with the very brave first responders.

To say "thank you" Evolution, located on the east side, will be offering free meals to first responders and to those who have donated blood. Located at 1420 Lee Trevino Drive, will offer a choice of one menu item to first responders who arrive with their ID or blood donor card. Menu choices include brisket tacos, chicken tacos, burgers or healthy meal prep.

Today is the last day of the deal, and it's valid until 4 P.M., so get yourself a free lunch, and thank you for all you've done!

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