I had the honor of serving a liquid breakfast to Justin, Will, and Gabe from Deadbeach Brewery! I put the Brewmasters to the test to see if they could guess the type.

Now, after finishing a liquid breakfast I asked them to tell us what we have to look forward to! They gave us some insight on Beer Bites and Beats that is coming up. There will be several bands performing like The Chamanas, Dusty Low, and more September 15. The headliner to end the night perfectly will be Blue October. These bands will definitely have you raising your glass to fellow attendees. Not only do you have the great music playing in the background but can also enjoy some food and craft beer. Beer Bites and Beats will combine local and regional breweries with local cuisine. A few food trucks to name Delicious Mexican Eatery, Tropical Snow, Panini Bus, and much more. The regional breweries that we're excited to welcome are Saint Arnold, New Belgium, Deep Ellum, and much more. As for your local breweries, you can expect Blazing Tree Brewery, El Paso Brewing Company, and Deadbeach Brewery. Beer Bites and Beats is going to be a huge block party on Durango street. The doors to the party will open up at 3 pm so be there or be square. You can buy your tickets and VIP tickets for Beer Bites and Beats through Neonticket.

I hope to see you out there and will be serving you some damn good beer at Beer Bites and Beats. Buy your ticketsMic drop!

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