If you were listening to the Morning Show on Wednesday, then you likely heard the debate over Scott Ronson's Boobs of the Day feature here on KLAQ.com and heard Buzz question whether they are the breasts of actual girls from El Paso.

While we don't doubt Scott is getting the photos via email, we're questioning how honest the people submitting these photos are being, because let's be honest, where are all these gorgeous, big-breasted ladies hiding?

Fernie seemed to think he could determine which girls are actually from El Paso and which ones are frauds, not by looking at the gigantic boobs we can't pry our eyes off, but by examining the details in the background of the pics. His observations were hilarious.

If you missed it, or if you weren't at a computer to see which boobs Buzz, Fernie, Monster and Teresa (Duke stayed out of the discussion) were talking about, don't worry. We put together a video with the bit from the show paired with the photos of boobs. I mean, what's better than that? Check it out below and then vote on which girls you think are from El Paso and which ones are frauds!

El Paso boobs