In 1979 Bob Saget was booed off of the NMSU Pan American Center stage, an experience so bad he apparently wrote the student newspaper right afterward.

Speaking as a professional comedian I can tell you that bombing on stage happens to everyone, even the best of them, especially starting out in your career. It's still a terrible and awful feeling to experience, but you shake it off and get over it.

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Bob Saget DID NOT get over his big bomb. According to a report from the Las Cruces Sun-News, the NMSU student newspaper, The Round-Up, dug up an old letter from the recently passed comedian. Let's break it down!


At the tender age of 22, in 1979, Bob Saget was a touring stand-up comic, and that March on the 21st he had a gig opening for the hard rock band Head East at the Pan American Center in Las Cruces, New Mexico for the students at NMSU.

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Let's just say the audience reaction was not great.

"Richie Liccea soloed as the warm-up act and was well received. Bob Saget, rumored to be a comedian, also showed up."- Pat Wier, NMSU Round-Up

According to witnesses, Bob Saget was showered with boo's and refrains of, "You suck!" and as he finished his set Bob Saget supposedly muttered, "I'm going to be on Johnny Carson and I'm going to tell the whole country what a shithole Las Cruces is."


I guess the experience didn't sit very well with Bob Saget because five days later, on March 26th,1979, he wrote to the Round-Up, the student paper at NMSU. You can check out the FULL LETTER HERE but below are a few choice statements.

"I'd like to go on the record for saying that I actually do like your school, even though I wasn't exactly welcomed with open arms … It's a shame that 1,900 students had to ruin it for the other 100."

"I will not slander your school or town on the Tonight Show this summer."

"After my 'show,' I went to Lamar's with a few people from your programming committee and eventually forgot that I had performed. You've got a nice town and school. Don't burn it down."


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