In case you're not aware a Reddit user shared a picture of a young man pulling the magazine scam. We remember those days seeing young people hustling outside of Target to sell you a magazine subscription. Well, apparently the magazine scammers are back at it again.

A Reddit user lgainor shared a photo of a young male selling magazines. The magazine scammer was spotted in the Montecillo area. In the photo, you will notice the famous rectangular notepad they carry around.

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I remember my encounters with all sorts of hustlers back then. The majority of the time I was approached by magazine scammers was at Target off Sunland Park Dr. back then. Except, the magazine scammers normally hung out in packs and traveled in a white van.

Some of the magazine hustlers I remember sure did know how to sell due to their bubbly personality. Now, I never fell for those supposed "great deals" on magazine subscriptions. But something the Reddit user lgainor mentioned was the scammer was selling alone.

Photo of "college student" magazine scammer (Montecillo area) from r/ElPaso

Also, the man in the photo was driving a car with Texas plates. Now someone who commented on the Reddit post made a valid point. The young dude trying to sell magazine subscriptions could have rented a car. Last year more than 150,000 elderly victims were targeted by magazine scammers. Hopefully, the dude in the photo can turn his fraudulent act around for the better and make a better living. But hopefully, this guy does not scam any elderly here in the borderland.

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