If you or someone you know is extremely naive, you better keep on scrolling. It sucks when people will take advantage of someone's kindness in their hearts. But it sucks, even more, to know people will say anything for an extra buck.

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Well, normally most people who need any financial assistance with a medical issue set up a Go Fund Me account. But apparently, some locals are taking it into their own hands which seems questionable.

Now if someone desperately needs help raising money for a relative they would go to extreme lengths. One way would be getting as much media attention as you can.

But if you turn down any free publicity for something worthy of attention just looks suspicious. Well, that is what Will Herren encountered in El Paso.

Will Herren snapped some photos of a man holding a sign asking for help financially to bury their child. They have been spotted at a few intersections on the Westside of El Paso.

El Paso Scammer Alert

Last week at Resler and Redd and then Mesa and Sunland Park yesterday. So if you happen to see a group of people asking for help with funeral expenses out and about in El Paso, you're now aware.

Now if you're thinking of giving your money because maybe the people asking are camera shy, hold off. Leave it to Will Herren for his investigative ways to unfold the truth.

You've seen Will Herren on ABC 7 News reporting important stories and now weather. But Will Herren got into Inspector Gadget mode and uncovered the truth, which was there have been no deaths reported of a child dying from cancer. So, if you spot these people around El Paso then it is up to you whether you want to give them your money or not.

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