So, you've found the right person to propose to and you've decided Valentines Day is the right time to do it.  Now, where do you do it??


El Paso is loaded with quiet, cozy restaurants you can use!  Dominics on Montana and/or Ardovinos for the Italian food lovers.  (The nice thing about Ardovinos is you're covered no matter what side of town you're on!!)

For the steak lovers, there can be only one.  Cattlemans at Indian Cliffs. Wander around the mini zoo, stroll along the lake, take a hay ride ... and those steaks will make it impossible to say "no" to anything!

Mexican restaurants.  C'mon. we're in El Paso ... just pick one!!


Trans Mountain.  Get there about dusk and follow one of the trails or just find a nice spot to pull over and enjoy the beautiful view while you pop the question!  Maybe bring along some wine ... just watch out for the cops!

Scenic Drive. Same idea although it can get crowded.  Might be better to go for Tom Lea Park, on Rim Road!

McKelligon Canyon.  Again, nature at it's finest .... you might even spot a fox or two!

(If you're a biker, all 3 of these are beautiful rides!!)

Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images
Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images


We got MinersRhinosDiablosAggies and ... someday ... a minor league baseball team around here. Lots of choices there, but they're not always available.  Gotta plan a little ahead on this one!!


Bikers may want to wait for the big toy run/parade every November, if you're into off -  roading, maybe contact olskool4x4 to find out where the cool local trails are.

What else ya' got folks?  Caballo? Wal-Mart? Welfare Office??

Where would you ... or did you .... propose to your love?  Let me know below or on The Q facebook page!!  (If you need a minister, let me know that to! I know a guy.)

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