Well... it was a close one. With less than a minute left, Dak was able to lead his team to victory against the Houston Texans 27-23 in Week 14 of NFL play in 2022. One step closer to the Super Bowl.


The (bad) win gave the Cowboys 10 wins on the season, marking the first time they have managed to clock in consecutive double-digit win seasons since 1996.

A note to the haters - the late interception that Dak Prescott threw in the Texans' red zone... his upper arm was hit. For sure. And the defense that the Cowboys' D provided. (best D in the league), was crucial in the end.

But still found a way to win! A come-from-behind win.

Not to take away from the spark of the Dallas Cowboys, there was also a proposal during the game...

...she said yes!

Whether you were playing your significant other in fantasy and beating him, or you're married to a die-hard Cowboy fan, it came down to the wire.

The Cowboy D never disappoints. Like I said... best D in the league. Literally.

Check out the full comeback below:

"Cardiac Cowboys" has a good ring to it. In other news, somehow Dallas' WR Kavontae Turpin still has enough energy to whip out a back tuck at the end of the game.

Maybe he was trying to make up for cutting the Cowboys' first-half momentum short after a muffed punt.

Next up for the Cowboys - they head to Jacksonville to head the Jaguars before taking on the Eagles on Christmas Eve. That should be a good one.

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