Love is in the air... and so is the smell of patty melts! People get real creative with their engagement and wedding photo shoots. I recently saw a really cool engagement photo session that was "Friday the 13th" themed. Brandon has recently gotten married and was nice enough to share his engagement photos with all of us. Then I came across this awesome wedding phot shoot and it made my heart grow three sizes bigger!

His Tweet immediately was shared and "hearted" by lovers of Whataburger, and of love in general. Many made sure to tag Whataburger. Many had the same question I had: Where the heck is that fancy Whataburger located?

And of course, in true Texan friendship style, Whataburger responded to Tshuma's post:

Congratulations to the happy couple, and a huge thank you to George S. Tshuma for sharing with everyone. If you find yourself in Bullard, be sure to check out this fancy Whataburger for your next Instagram pic!

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