A recent study listed the best 8 small towns in New Mexico and 3 of them are easy road trips from El Paso.

El Paso is unique in that we are surrounded by another state on 3 sides and another country on the 4th. 3 of the small towns voted best in New Mexico are our neighbors.

One is less than an hour away, one is about an hour or so from us and the farthest one is only about a 2 hour drive.

Worldatlas.com compiled the list and I'm sure most El Pasoans are pretty familiar with them. Especially the 3 that are right in our backyard, truly "must visits" for newcomers and "must revisit's" for longtimers.

Number 2 on the the list is the farthest from El Paso but it's still pretty close. Silver City is only about a 2 hour drive and a really nice break from El Paso's Summer heat.

You can also enjoy a true "changing of the colors" fall and a mild Spring. Winter brings something El Paso rarely sees ... snow. And lots of it. You can also hike, visit ancient cliff dwellings, get a taste of the true "wild" west and lots more.

The 4th Spot On The List Is Practically Attached To El Paso.

Old Mesilla sits just outside of El Paso, on the outskirts of Las Cruces. Once a Confederate Capitol, it's where where Billy The Kid was sentenced to be hung among other things and is home to one of New Mexico's oldest bars.

Only minutes from El Paso's upper valley, it's a great place to spend an afternoon, especially on a weekend when you'll often find live music, artists and more in the Plaza.

The 3rd City To Make The List Is Also Very Close To El Paso.

Alamogordo lies North of El Paso, about 75 miles down US 54 from the Northeast part of town or you can cruise over Highway 70 out of Las Cruces to get there.

While there, you can hit up the International Space Hall Of Fame, visit White Sands National Park, stop by the oldest zoo in the Southwest and see one of the largest things in the world. 

Or, you can stop and have a beer on your way to a couple of equally beautiful New Mexico small towns, also only a 2 hour drive from El Paso.

They didn't make this list but they are totally worth the short drive from EP ... Ruidoso and Cloudcroft.

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