Yes... there have definitely been insane lawsuits that have been filed in New Mexico. Now not EVERY lawsuit is insane but there are some that you hear about and you have to go "wait...seriously?" And that's exactly what we're gonna look at here.

Google is invading the privacy of New Mexico children?

In 2020, the New Mexico attorney general sued Google for their use of apps like Gmail & Google Docs, and claimed they were stealing private information from students & their families in the state. The lawsuit was settled in late 2021 after being involved in 2 federal court cases the previous year. The entire state received a settlement of $5.2 million because of this lawsuit.

A New Mexico woman tried to over a viral yearbook photo on a flask

More specifically HER yearbook photo. Veronica Vigil from Chimayo, New Mexico, sued a company for putting a 1971 highschool photo of her on a novelty flask. The flask read "I’m going to be the most popular girl in rehab". To be fair, if someone just used a photo of me without MY permission, I'd be pretty mad too...

A New Mexico school teacher instructed her students to fight with SWORDS

Ok...WHY did this happen? A school teacher at Volcano Vista High School in Albuquerque brought SWORDS to class one day & told 2 of her students to fight one another. By the way, she was a CHEMISTRY teacher... so why did she need to have swords? And they WERE real by the way...

Well one student was cut on the wrist & of course this story made the local news.

The reason why McDonald's coffee cups has the warning label was because of one person from New Mexico

Yeah you knew this one was coming. This is the case of the famous Liebeck vs McDonald's Restaurants case. In summary, a 79 year old woman, Stella Liebeck from Bernaillo County, New Mexico, sued McDonald's after spilling coffee on her lap & received 3rd degree burns over 16% of her body. Lieback tried to settle for $20,000, but McDonald's basically said no (they offered to pay $800).

After taking McDonald's to court, Stella was awarded $200,000 (but later became $160,000 after being at least somewhat responsible for her injuries). To this day, this has become one of the most talked about court cases to ever come out of the present day.

New Mexico isn't the only state with some crazy lawsuits; Texas has seen some insane lawsuits too.

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