I’ve written about former NMSU professor David Clement before.  He’s the business professor who was fired after a.) refusing to wear a mask, b.) refusing the vaccine, and c.) mocking any of his students who did either one of those things.

David K. Clements via Rumble
David K. Clements via Rumble

In what should come as a shock to absolutely NO ONE, Clement is now traveling the country falsely claiming that the 2020 election was “stolen”.

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The Washington Post reports about a recent presentation Clement gave to about 60 people at a Senior Citizen center in rural Nebraska. He was telling his audience about “ballot stuffing, breached voting machines and voter roll manipulation”, all without the benefit of evidence or proof.

“The audience, which included a local minister, a bank teller, and farmers in their overalls, gasped in horror or whispered “wow” with each new claim.”

The problem is that none of his claims come backed up with anything approaching actual “proof” or “evidence”.  The Post points out that Clement, though a former professor, has no training or background in elections or election systems. Kind of like he had no training or background in medicine or epidemiology back when he made outlandish and false claims about the Covid vaccine.

Former President Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Pennsylvania To Support Local Candidates
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David Clement seems to be the worst kind of peddler of misinformation: an academic who thinks having knowledge in one field makes him an expert in EVERY field. He has an eager audience when he does these disinformation appearances in small-town America. These honest, salt-of-the-earth folk like the ones in attendance in Nebraska see that a fancy, big-city professor is saying these things and mistake him for an authority.

Just that air of authority is enough to sway people who, let’s face it, WANT TO BE SWAYED. If your desire is to believe that 2020 was rigged and Joe Biden is an illegitimate president, a fast-talking fancy-pants professor is about all it takes to confirm your suspicions. 86 judges may have said it’s all nonsense but for thousands of Americans, it just takes one charlatan like David Clement to convince them otherwise.

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