If you attended the UTEP Miners football game vs. Boise State then you may have spotted a couple of celebrities. Besides UTEP Miners stealing the spotlight for winning and playing a great game, they weren't the only cool guys around.

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If you watched the college football game on CBS Sports then you may or may not have noticed two unusual creatures. The two unusual creatures I am referring to are a couple of characters you may remember watching on Sesame Street.

The two aliens I am referring to are The Martians some of us loved watching on PBS as a kid. If you need help remembering their roles on the show just refer to Sesame Street's YouTube video below.

The Martians are known for saying either "Nope nope nope" or "yip-yip" during their skits. If I remember correctly they were terrified of clocks, telephones, and computers.

Well, the pair happened to be spotted during the CBS Sports Network broadcast of the football game. After I saw the famous clip of the pair on Twitter from No Context College Football I couldn't contain myself.

Plus, refer to the YouTube video Matthew Loves Ball shared from CBS Sports Network of highlights 19:25 minutes in from the game below.

All I got to say is if I were able to attend UTEP Miners vs. Boise State's football game I would ask to get a picture with them. They were definitely a favorite pair I enjoyed watching on Sesame Street as a kid.

But in my opinion, I believe this dynamic duo was hands down the best college football attendees. The coolest thing about their costumes was that they landed themselves on National television for it.

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