There is nothing worse than swerving while you're driving because of the unavoidable bumps in the road. There are two main roads I drive on that always jiggles my SUV around. Usually where that happens when I am on the road is either on N. Mesa and Viscount Blvd. I can't exactly tell which road is worse because it's always a bumpy ride on both roads.

Traveling down Viscount Blvd. near the apartments by the mall is where you encounter the dips and holes in the road. If you take Viscount Blvd. often you know what bumps I am talking about and have even seen them. As for N. Mesa, it is a long street that extends from Cesar Chavez Border Highway to Doniphan. There are different sections on N. Mesa Street that have you feeling like Mater from the Disney/Pixar film Cars. Vote for the road that shakes your arm fat the most between Viscount Blvd. and N. Mesa below!

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