Now more drivers and businesses further up along N. Mesa St. are encountering problems during the road work. Just yesterday, Monday, February 8, the road crew started setting up the cement blocks along N. Mesa St. after Brentwood Avenue. Before we were able to pick a lane out of the three to drive on at Brentwood Avenue but not anymore. Now from Brentwood Avenue, you can only continue up N. Mesa St. in the far-right lane. Which is now the only open lane.

When the road is down to just one lane that means you can expect all sorts of craziness. There are people thinking they can find a short cut to squeeze their way into the traffic on the road. Those people I am talking about are the ones that cut through business parking lots to try and get ahead in the line.

In fact, since the closure of lanes on N. Mesa St. all sorts of people have been trying to use our parking lot as a shortcut. Drivers began using our parking lot here at KLAQ studio and our friendly neighbor at Rulis' International Kitchen to squeeze into traffic. Now people should know parking lots are not meant to be used as a road for a shortcut.

But come to my surprise I saw a lot of drivers roll through our parking lot. In fact, some drivers were jumping the curb from Rulis' International Kitchen to exit from our front parking lot to exit on to N. Mesa St. So all the staff teamed up to park our cars along the curb beside the restaurant to prevent any more cars. Driers are having to take all kinds of detours to squeeze their way into N. Mesa Street now. Let's hope the time goes by as fast as some of you like to drive, fast.

KLAQ Isn't a Shortcut to N. Mesa

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