There is something some El Paso drivers are trying to understanding while on the road. These days El Paso drivers have to do a few swerves to finally see what lane continues straight on north Mesa street.

North Mesa street has been on overload with different work zones in different areas. I believe there are some people who need to read this so they don’t hesitate on the road in the future.

The worst part for El Paso drivers is when it’s been a while since they’ve visited a certain area in a work zone.

Lately, the road work crew has been switching over lanes quite quickly to continue their road work. It feels like not long ago the construction workers were working on the two left lanes after Festival Dr. on N. Mesa St.

Before all drivers heading towards Downtown would have to swerve over to the far-right lane to head straight on north Mesa street.

Well, things have changed (for a while now) on the road at N. Mesa St. and Festival Dr. yet again.

Now if you’re heading towards Executive Center and want to continue on N. Mesa St. stay in your far left lane.

You may also see the far-right lane open BUT that lane is no longer used to go straight on N. Mesa St. anymore.

The far-right lane is actually now used just to turn right on Festival Dr.

I must admit I’ve gotten the giggles seeing some locals driving on that road at times. Seeing some drivers swerving from left to right then right to left on that road. It totally reminded me of the El Maida Shiners and the stunts they pull in their small cars at the Thanksgiving Day parade.

Next time you’re going to use that route be sure to remember to stay on the left lane to continue on north Mesa street.

In all fairness, maybe if a couple of the bulbs from the flashing arrow were changed would help out confused drivers.

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