Every El Paso driver knows the famous spots that give you and your vehicle the wiggle jiggles. They are the biggest annoyance when it comes to drivers who need to carefully get to their destination.

If you're going five below the speed limit the noticeable bumps can still wreck your ride. My ride moves around like a  joggle bopper when I am cruising down these types of roads.

The road that I believe is in desperate need of an upgrade is Montana at Raynolds. Some of you may know what spot I am exactly talking about. This image below shows what some could say looks like a mini speed bump in the road. The location of this weird bump can be found on Montana heading East, right beside the Chevron.

I know that Montana at Raynolds isn't the only road that needs an upgrade. Another area in El Paso that has some major bumps in the road is near Cielo Vista Mall. Another road on my personal list of roads that need a makeover is on Viscount by Hawkins.

If you enjoy bumpy rides then Viscount from Airway to Hunter will do the trick. I think some could even compare a drive on that road to going off-roading over in Red Sands.

In my opinion, for years, these two areas have always been the worst. I have no ideas if anyone will attempt to fix them soon, but this is my letter to them to take some time and recognize this area. The usual route I take to work was finally repaired after so many years.

After years of experiencing a bumpy ride on Robinson Avenue just before getting to Piedmont, I can finally cruise through that street without the worry of bumping around in my car.

If you had to choose which bumpy road drives you crazy, who would it be in the poll below?

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