Okay, how have I never heard of this?!

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San Antonio will be celebrating the 11th year of the Barbacoa and Big Red Festival!

11th Annual Barbacoa and Big Red Festival

Taking place on October 7 and 8 at the R&J Music Pavilion located at 18086 Pleasanton Road in San Antonio, this two day extravaganza sounds like a lot of fun and super tasty.

The family friendly event will feature what I'm assuming is the best Barbacoa in the area, but also live music, interactive cooking demonstrations and cultural exhibitions as well as artisanal craft markets; looks like there's something for everyone.

Upon doing some research on this event, I found out that the festival has its very own Big Red doughnut! I would definitely go to this festival solely for that doughnut!

As someone who has lived in El Paso her entire life, and has never been to San Antonio, I've noticed that they really love Big Red over in the Alamo City. Why? Also, what is it supposed to taste like, I'm not knocking it- I do enjoy an ice cold Big Red soda, but what's the deal with it?

Now, barbacoa, I can totally understand! It's part of my last name- I cannot deny that I love me some barbacoa tacos; and I'm sure that an ice cold Big Red soda will accompany those tacos really well!

But, of course, it is San Antonio, so that means their "tacos" come in a flour tortilla- do not get me started on that! But I will never turn down a barbacoa burrito/taco!

The Barbacoa and Big Red Festival has a lot to offer, and you can find out more about it here.

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