While scrolling through TikTok I came across this video of a guy ranting about West Texas.

Being from West Texas, I was immediately intrigued. What followed was an emotional rollercoaster.

In his video he shares that he ordered some barbacoa tacos, however, they didn't exactly come out the way he expected. I'll let him explain, but be warned, it is NSFW as it is filled with cuss expletives, rightfully so, I think.

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They gave him lettuce, tomato and cheese with his barbacoa tacos and his bacon and egg tacos! WTF! The disrespect and in the midst of Hispanic Heritage month? I'm offended and it's not even my breakfast!

I think I speak for everyone in El Paso when I say "we do not claim responsibility for this one!" We West Texans KNOW that barbacoa comes with cilantro and onion- it's basically a law!

Like many of you, I had the same question: "where the heck did you go that they served you this atrocity?!" Alas, @jacobandrew1186 does not give us an answer as to where he got the tacos- he didn't want to shame the place, but he does say it was in Midland in a follow up video.

He also asks where to get proper tacos de barbacoa in Midland since he's not from there. There were many in the comments telling him he needed to get to El Paso for some proper tacos!

I do have one issue with one part of his video- the menudo and what they gave him. Granted, they gave him a piece of toast, but this dude was expecting TORTILLAS! That's right, he wanted TORTILLAS with his menudo! I'll admit it was a shock to me when I first heard that people eat their menudo with tortillas- but it happens. Us out here know that menudo is enjoyed with bolillos.

So, Midland, you got some explaining to do!

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