Is Big Red delicious? Yes. But why is it such a big deal in Texas? Also, what is it supposed to taste like?

I have many questions about the soft drink- but mainly- why do people love it so much in parts of Texas? Much like Dr. Pepper, Big Red was created in 1937 in Waco by two men named Grover C. Thomsen and R.H. Roark. So maybe the fact that it was created in Texas makes some Texans feel a strong connection to it?

I know plenty of people in the San Antonio area mostly, who LOVE Big Red. It's their go-to drink. It's such a beloved drink that there are so many different recipes that you could use Big Red for; like this one that I'm actually interested in trying.

But this also begs the question: WHAT FLAVOR IS BIG RED?!

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I always thought it was supposed to be like cream soda, only red. While there are hints of cream soda, I don't think that's the entire flavor. According to Texas Hill Country (who also asked "what's the big deal with Big Red?") it's a mixture of different flavors like:

...a distinctive mixture of vanilla, lemon, and orange oils with the bright red coloring.

Texas Hill Country also notes that the original name for Big Red was Sun Tang Red Cream Soda back in 1937, then later was called Sun Tang Big Red Cream Soda in 1959 until 1969 when it was renamed again to Big Red- so I guess it was supposed to be like a cream soda initially.

I guess I'll never truly understand the hype over Big Red, I mean, I'll still drink it but I definitely have noticed it's not really hyped up in El Paso as it is in other parts of Texas!

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