That's right, you read that right, Big Red is now in beer form. I don't know what it is with San Antonio and their obsession with Big Red?! I have family in San Antonio that LOVE it. Some like to say that Texas can be split in two between the lovers of Dr. Pepper and the lovers of Big Red. I myself, prefer a nice cold Dr. Pepper, it's even better if it's in a milkshake (looking at you with heart eyes Whataburger). I will admit, though, that sometimes a Big Red hits the spot.

Just as I read the news that Big Red inspired a beer in San Antonio, I was going to inform my cousins in SA when I realized I was late to the party, they already knew. Islla Street Brewing released a small batch of their "Big Rojo" beer, which quickly sold out in THREE MINUTES, last month and now they plan on releasing more- in the future.

Because their Big Red inspired beer sold out faster than they imagined, Islla Street Brewing's system crashed. Also, they had to rename the beer to "Wild Rojo," but it's still the same beer. Islla Street Brewing notified their patrons through Instagram and have created a wait list for their next batch of Wild Rojo beer.

You can check their Instagram or their Facebook page for the latest updates on their Wild Rojo beer, and to find out how you can make it to the highly coveted wait list. In the meantime, my fam up in San Antone will have to drink regular Big Red.

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