For such an epic event, like BaconFest, we need a good soundtrack. Surprisingly some people have been inspired by the deliciousness of bacon and created some catchy songs.

These songs may never be nominated for Grammy, but they are pretty catchy. The first video shows us how bacon can solve all of all problems. Have a cut on your hand? Rub some bacon on it. Yes, it may sound crazy but if you love bacon, you will truly believe it will solve anything!

An adorable little wizard describes just how awesome bacon is with his sick lyrical skills. Yes, wizards enjoy themselves some salty strips of pig and strive to share them with the world. Maybe we can see someone dress up as a bacon wizard at Bacon Fest, and if they do, they better sing this song. It's pretty damn catchy.

The love for bacon can be so intense, that you just want to shout it through a music video. This band spent sometime expressing their love for bacon through creative lyrics and awkward dance moves. Bacon can make people do crazy things.

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