ZZ Top are probably the most well known band to ever come out of Texas. Their songs are legendary but some of them aren't exactly PC.

ZZ Top formed in Houston, Texas, in 1969. Remarkably, they kept the same lineup ... Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill and Frank Beard ... for over 50 years. All the way up until Dusty's death in 2021.

Literally, "til death do we part" stuff. Dusty's boots were filled, (at Dusty's request), by long time guitar tech, (and Dusty's good friend), Elwood Francis.

Writing songs about partying, hot chicks, beer drinkers and hell raisers; they were/are truly a bunch of very talented "good 'ole boys". Guys anyone would be happy to knock back a few cold ones with.

Not all of their songs are about love, cars and/or the simple pleasures in life. Some are downright scandalous.

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Mexican Blackbird is about a couple of guys heading down to Mexico looking for a prostitute. Kind of a "boys will be boys" tale overall but, subject matter aside, some lyrics are questionable.

The prostitute goes by the name "Puta", a (very derogatory) Mexican slang term for prostitutes. Her Daddy, according to the song, was the "ace of spades", meaning he was black.

There are also references to drinking and driving. The passenger is anyway, whether the driver is or not isn't clear but we're talking open container here at least.


The original version ends with the verse "The Mexican Blackbird will be there waiting for you." A remix changed it to "The wings of the blackbird will spread like an eagle for you".

A reference to her position while on the job I think.

Here's the remix ...

Pearl Necklace sounds innocent enough but the lyrics are actually alluding to oral sex and the subsequent mess.

Francine is, hands down, the winner of the inappropriate content award. Basically, the singer has the hots for a girl who, we learn, is way underage.

"Ten Foot Pole" may be a bit raw too. I'm not sure, I can't figure out the freakin' lyrics to this one ...

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