The interwebs is all crazy for slime lately. Glow in the dark slime, slime with glitter, crunchy slime and foamy slime! If you've never seen any of these videos, consider yourself lucky, because then you'll end up like me, in a YouTube black hole of slime videos! The weird thing of it all, most of these slime videos are made by, like, twelve year olds.

So as I went through my slime journey on YouTube I thought "I can TOTALLY make some slime, too!" But, in honor of Bacon Fest on April 15th, I wanted to add some good ol' bacon to the slime! I know what you're thinking, and trust me, bacon is the least weird thing you can add to slime, I've seen weirder. So I enlisted the help of Leah from 600 ESPN El Paso (and one of our handy digital ladies) and together, we embarked on our first slime video!

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