If you attended the Sun City BaconFest, this is a contest you will want to participate in! Oscar Mayer knows how to win over your heart, especially if you're a bacon fanatic.

Business Wire gives you the scoop about scoring yourself free bacon from Oscar Mayer. The  American meat and cold cut production company really care for those who love bacon! Oscar Mayer have commenced a cryptocurrency called bacoin just yesterday and people are anxious. This is like an online motivation move to help advance their meat products on social media outlets and e-mail. To also help push this bacoin system, Keith Sizzle the Bacoin Architect and Digital Prophet explains everything. There are a lot of people who love bacon so much they will be trying this for free bacon. They're releasing a limited amount of bacoins that will earn you free packs of bacon from Oscar Mayer.

If you want your free bacon, then read more about this bacoin over on their website!

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