Last Saturday in England a new world record was set in the competitive field of onion speed-eating. A participant at the Annual Onion Fayre in Gloucester shattered the old record by eating a 7 ounce onion in only 45 seconds!

That’s certainly impressive but it doesn’t sound unbeatable. So, in an effort to put the Buzz Adams Morning Show in the record books, this morning Nico Adjemian gave it his best college-dropout try and attempted to eat a 7 ounce onion in less than 45 seconds.

Let’s go to the tape!

That…did not go well. Not only did Nico NOT break the record, if you look closely, it appears he didn’t actually manage to swallow and keep down ANY of the onion. I feel Nico has let down not only this show but his entire family and, if I’m being completely honest, the United States of America. He actually did worse than any of the onion eaters in the British competition. This includes the men’s as well as the women’s categories.

Here’s the video of the new, and STILL, world record onion eater from last weekend.


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