Texas has broken many world records in the past, but we're always looking to break even more. It was announced recently that one Texas city, just outside of Austin, is looking to break another record: the largest gathering of people of the same name. The place is the Pie Capitol of Texas: Kyle, Texas.

Where is Kyle, Texas?

If you live in Austin, Kyle is located just 21 miles southwest of Austin. It's also 58 miles northeast of San Antonio. At one point it was considered to be one of the largest growing cities in the whole state of Texas. It's also where guitarist Gary Clark Jr purchased a 50 acre horse ranch for $1.6 million.

The city is also known for its iconic water tower, painted in the Texas colors.

When is Kyle hoping to break the record?

The news station, WFAA, in Dallas posted a video of country singer Kyle Park, calling out all the Kyles in the US, and around the world essentially, to gather in Kyle, Texas to attempt to break the world record of the largest gathering of people with the same name. The previous record was set in Bosnia in 2017 with  2,325 people named "Ivan" gathered all together. This will be the city's 4th attempt to break the record.

So basically...if your name is Kyle, you have a chance to be part of history.

Does it have to be just my first name to break the record?

If you're old, young, tall or short, whether you live in Texas, another state, or another country, they don't care. They haven't stated whether or not Kyle can be in your middle name, or if it has to be strictly your first name. But essentially they're looking for anyone named Kyle to attend this world record attempt on May 21st at 4pm.

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