If you think you can beat one of these ten shocking world records, you're definitely unique! These are 10 people who pulled off the most shocking world records that no one else can beat.

Countdown Central introduces you to the top 10 most shocking world record champs that will blow your mind. These people can do the craziest things with certain parts of their body. Imagine having the ability to make your eyes pop out of their sockets...literally! When you get to the woman who can make her eyes pop out like in the cartoons is just plain scary to see. Another creepy world record features a dude who has elastic like skin that can stretch out. I have met people in El Paso that can do weird things with their arms, legs, and feet. I can do a few weird things myself but nothing that is world record worthy as the people above.

If you're into seeing people do crazy a** stuff with their bodies, then this compilation of world records is worth the watch!


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