Clearly, El Paso has its fair share of disrespectful people. But this shouldn't come as a surprise since the last church incident that occurred at St. Patrick's Cathedral. There were a lot of upset Catholics in El Paso after hearing about St. Patrick's Sacred Heart of Jesus statue was vandalized. The man responsible then for vandalizing St. Patrick's Sacred Heart of Jesus statue was Isaiah Cantrell. St. Patrick's Cathedral's incident happened in September last year.

Well, after St. Patrick's Sacred Heart of Jesus statue was vandalized I put a poll up asking if the suspect responsible (Isaiah C.) should be forgiven or go to hell. The results were stunning. About 52% voted Isaiah Cantrell should be forgiven and 48% for the other answer. Well, it has been quite some time since that tragedy occurred but now we're having to heal from another. On Wednesday, February 10, KVIA news reported about another statue that had been destroyed by some vandals.

KVIA Abc-7 news (above) reported another Catholic church that had a statue vandalized was at St. Pius Catholic Church. But the only difference with St. Pius is that it was more than one angel statue that was destroyed. There were a few angel statues that were damaged and found in pieces on the ground. But the good news is that they have recordings of the incident and hoping that evidence can help narrow down who the suspect responsible is. Hopefully, they can pinpoint who vandalized the 3 angel statues at St. Pius Catholic Church from the recordings they have.

The only people I can see doing serious damage on the church's property that won't feel bad and have zero regrets are devil worshippers. Either that or they're just not all there in the head and need some serious help. Let's cross our fingers and hope they catch whoever is responsible for this hateful crime. But if you have any tips to help find whoever did this please contact the local authority to help put this case to rest.

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