To all the worried women and men that are fathers and significant others- stay positive.

Lately, it seems that every time we open social media or turn on the news another woman is missing. This kind of news is heartbreaking because these women are either a mother, daughter or wife to someone. There has been a post that's been going viral on social media about a serial killer and kidnapped women. The El Paso Police Department posted on their Twitter page claiming that those social media posts are only rumors.

As a woman, it scares me since the first woman that went missing became a chain reaction. That is all I have been seeing on the news and social media lately is one after another goes missing. We need to know what is going on in our city and deserve some answers. Right now the whereabouts are still unknown for Edna Rojo who's 53, Erika Andrea Gaytan, 29, Delia Ruth Guerra, and now Elizabeth Hodge Lambert, 32. There was one woman who was missing but was recently found deceased in the desert, Angelica Vega, 48. They say she had a medical condition but what I don't understand is how she ended up in the desert.

Since the first woman went missing it became a domino effect and that should be something to look into. The El Paso Police Department is doing their best trying to locate the missing women. But as a community of concerned residents, we deserve some answers. It felt nice that the City of Socorro Facebook page published a press release for safety tips. I hope we can all get some answers about the ongoing missing person cases soon.

I hope the missing women can return unharmed and soon. There are a lot of people working really hard to bring these women back. Please stay positive and follow the safety tips to ensure your safety. Hopefully, our local news teams can get the answers to our concerns about the missing women.