In a stunning report published June 4, El Paso Matters takes on the issue of harassment and sexism that is rampant in the El Paso Police Department.

Courtesy: EPPD
Courtesy: EPPD

According to several current and former employees, El Paso’s Police Department is “a hostile workplace for women” and has a work culture “permissive of sexual harassment” toward female officers as well as civilian employees.

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Most, though not all, of the whistleblowers, are anonymous in the reporting.

One of the female officers quoted in the story is the same one who pressed charges after a male officer secretly filmed a sexual encounter and sent the recording to other officers. The male officer in that case was arrested.

“Apparently, you’re a b**** for pressing charges”, the unnamed female detective told EP Matters. “You’re ruining HIS life”.

One recent case of misconduct was a report that a male officer had tried to record female officers changing in the women’s locker room.

The alleged incident was first reported in February of 2023.

El Paso Police Dept Twitter
El Paso Police Dept Twitter

El Paso Matters says their investigation lasted seven months and involved interviews with numerous former and current employees of EPPD, as well as reviewing hundreds of pages of documents. EP Matters describes what they found as “troubling”.

You can read the second part of this expose by El Paso Matters, here.

The El Paso Police Department declined requests for an interview from EP Matters but the department says it has a “zero tolerance” policy toward sexual harassment. S

ome of the employees who have made complaints say they have asked for “an El Paso Women’s and LGBTQ Equality Committee”.

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