Tell me something that feels illegal but isn't. I'll go first: purposely getting drunk in front of El Paso's finest!

Thom Masat via Unsplash
Thom Masat via Unsplash

Did you know that you could go to the El Paso Police Academy, have a few drinks in front of police and potential police officers and not even get in trouble?! I only found out about this a few months ago when a listener called into the Morning Show to let us know.


This past week, volunteers showed up to the El Paso Police Academy and willingly got inebriated all in an effort to help El Paso Police recruits prepare for DWI arrests. You can check out the video that KFOX shared here. From the looks of it, it was one big party! Volunteers were monitored as shots were poured, music and games were played- it was a test, but it looks like it was a fun test!

What a great concept, all across the country, volunteers drink it up to help out the recruits learn how to recognize the signs of intoxication. According to EPPD officer Alex Porras, the volunteers were provided with the alcohol for a two hour period. It was a total drink and drown for two hours! What a party! These look like fun.

Here's an example of how one field sobriety training can look like.

I just want to know how people know when these are going to happen because when they do- I volunteer as tribute!

The video from the EP Police Academy looked like everyone had a fun and educational evening. Also, just a reminder to drink responsibly and don't drink and drive, you don't want to end up like this guy!

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