On this week's After Buzz:

  • I tell the story of the 2015 winter snow that hit and having to take care of Buzz's dogs. According to Buzz, no cold is too cold to leave the dogs outside.
  • I recap the Disney Villains Mt. Rushmore from Monday and clue everyone into a part of the conversation that was probably missed early on in the show.
  • I finally finished American Horror Story (AHS 1984), and I thought it was one of the best seasons so far.
  • Back when the Wii was first released, my parents went to get me one at Best Buy and ran into a guy that got caught cutting the line.
  • I go over all the books I'm reading. Right now there are 3, and no, The Gunslinger is not one of them. I gave up on that book a few weeks ago. It just wasn't an entertaining read and was more of a chore than enjoyment.


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