I had been following the story about Amazon potentially building a distribution center for a while. I even put up a couple of articles about it. THIS ONE is from June 16th, 2020. And THIS ONE is from July 16th, 2020. Of course, they finally make the announcement last week while I was on vacation.

Even before it was confirmed, here in El Paso, we like to think about the things we should get. Dave and Busters? Got it. Ruth's Chris Steak House? Got it. Cheesecake Factory? Still waiting. Great Wolf Lodge? Got.... wait, almost had it.

I can think of two things that we need here in El Paso, if anything just because they're awesome. If you've ever been to an HEB or a Buc-ee's, you know what I'm talking about. Both of these stores are AWESOME! We got really excited a few months ago when HEB started advertising on our station. The rumors began to fly. When and where is HEB going? It was all for nothing though. The actual product being advertised was something else. Something HEB owned, but not an actual HEB store.

What is HEB? Basically a better, more Texas Walmart. I go frequently when I'm over near Austin every couple of months.

What is Buc-ee's? First, it is NOT just a gas station and convenience store. It is so much more. They have the cleanest restrooms and they are proud of it. They make amazing beef jerky, fudge and barbecue. You can get everything from a new pair of sandals, to a door mat, to a 30 can cooler, to a Buc-ee's shirt. If you are ever cruising through San Antonio or Austin, or really anywhere on the East side of Texas, be sure to stop by a Buc-ee's.

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