There is a whole lot of land around El Paso and some of that land might be used up by Amazon. Some signs are indicating Amazon is looking to build a giant distribution center in Far East El Paso thanks to documents filed with the state of Texas and city of El Paso. Officials with Amazon and other companies involved in the project have declined to comment on the potential project.

Here's some more on this potential project coming directly from The El Paso Times:

However, Stanley Jobe, founding partner of Jobe Materials, a large concrete supplier in El Paso, said his company plans to put a temporary concrete batch plant on land where the proposed Amazon facility is to be built to supply concrete for the project. His company has applied for a state air quality permit to operate the plant. Signs advising the public of the permit application stand along Rojas Drive, not far from Eastlake Boulevard.

There are about 175 Amazon fulfillment centers across the globe and those fulfillment centers range in size. One hundred and ten of those centers are in North America, employing about 500,000 full-time employees.

Just how big is the plan and where will it be?

  • The proposed plan will take up 115 acres of vacant land near Rojas Drive and Eastlake Blvd.

The plan is also technically outside of the city limits of El Paso but within what is called the extraterritorial jurisdiction, which is a 5-mile radius around the city limits.

And if you are wondering whether or not our city officials know anything about the project, right now they are saying 'no'.

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