Throughout the history of the United States of America, many things have been tried to secure the border with Mexico. I think this may be the weirdest idea yet.

If it's not the weirdest, it sure seems like least likely to succeed. I've already thought of one quick and easy way around it and I'm not even trying to sneak into the country.

First, let's look at some past border security ideas that did show some success.

The border between Mexico and the United States of America has a long, colorful and violent history. From the moment Texas secede from Mexico in 1836, it's been an issue.

From enforcing immigration laws, to protecting the country from attacks, drugs or other illegal contraband to simply mandating who can and can't cross it, it's a never ending struggle.

Southern U.S. Border Sees Rise In Migrant Crossings As Title 42 Policy Is Set To Expire
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Border Patrol agents have monitored it from horseback, motorized vehicles, ATV's, dirt bikes, helicopters, planes, blimps and now drones are being used.

Two of the more successful, physical deterrents included "Operation: Hold The Line" and the building of the Border Wall.

Hold The Line was pretty simple. We basically lined up Border Patrol agents along the Border and, along with the latest technology of the day, left no open area to cross .

"The Wall". (Sorry Pink Floyd, I had to.) Construction began under POTUS Bill Clinton and has continued under every President since.

Near Eagle Pass, Texas, a new idea is being tried to stop river crossings. An inflatable border wall is in place which you can see here. It somehow "spins" if you try and climb it, preventing anyone from getting over it. (Sounds great for a kids party.)

I'm not sure what happens if you try swimming under it.

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One thing I do know is it has one huge weakness. It, like most of our political leaders, is just full of hot air.

Any thing sharp, maybe even those pointy boots that are so popular, will presumably render this thing useless in seconds.

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