TV news station KOB in Albuquerque, New Mexico turned into a scene right out of an Anchorman movie, after a group of employees got into a fist fight!

Primary anchor, Tom Joles, shown above, took on a reporter and photographer after a heated conversation. According to newsroom insiders, a 'young reporter' was being counseled by an employee when Joles intruded, adding his own advice.

These got heated and another veteran reporter, Stuart Dyson, attempted to calm the situation down, but it didn't work. Jolson got in Dyson's face, so Photographer Joseph Lynch attempted to break it up, but got some Jolson in his face too.

When the fight finally ended, Jolson was called into Donaldson's office, then came out 10 minutes later to grab his stuff and walked out. The staff was told Jolson is having a hard time adjusting to the modern era of TV news.